In “The Bell Jar” one thing that stuck out to me and caused interest was esters psychiatric treatment. How the doctors were insensitive and treated her without any interest in her personal condition. This is odd to me because the entire point of being a psychologist or psychiatrist should be to help people through their illnesses and problems. Additionally, the idea of electroshock therapy struck home a little, as its way of causing changes in a person is through causing full convulsive seizures in the individual. As a person who is epileptic the thought of this is revolting, believe me seizures aren’t something I would wish on anyone and the thought of causing someone to have one purposely is ridiculous. Though in extreme cases this therapy works I believe it should not be a viable option, and is archaic. Ester after experiencing this therapy says she no longer thinks about knives but this could indicate her mind is no longer as sharp as it once was, maybe she feels her intelligence has been muffled ; maybe this is the feeling that Plath had felt after the therapy?